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The Right Level of Support

‘To deliver exceptional performance, decision makers need to be supported with program controls that give detailed, fast and accurate visibility into the program performance’ – this quote from the Deloitte Alternative Thinking Report 2011 on top issues in renewable energy highlights a key topic for many energy companies today.  With the evolution and maturity of social media, cloud technologies, mobile and on demand information needs, this level of support is not so easy to achieve.


Many organisations struggle to meet the fast paced needs of decision makers and it is clear that information needs are no longer a reporting or sub-ordinate to manager relationship, there is now a focus on collaborative decisions.  In order to deliver the right information at the right time, how can decision makers break down the various barriers that exist within any organisation?  With many sources to key information – finance, forecasting, development teams, operational teams and procurement all playing parts in the equation for evaluating a project opportunity in the renewable energy sector, how can you support the key decision makers with timely and accurate information needs?  Are there controls or reports in place that can reflect real time changes in underlying data such as currency, interest rates, tax incentives?  Whilst these financial challenges may be managed by the finance function, what about changes in procurement or wind data – how accurate and up to date is that information.  How do you visualise your key information across your teams?


The challenge to supporting decision makers therefore lies in the ability to source, update and present key information in the most timely manner.  Adopting existing spreadsheets, modifying internal communication paths, developing a culture of collaboration are not easy, but now necessary.  Decision makers want and expect real time data on their mobile device, that is pointing and directing them towards the most appropriate and significant decisions they need to make on a daily basis.  Enverian Developer has taken this challenge and focused our energies on solving this problem for clients.  We understand the need to share, collaborate and present all information about your portfolio and have developed a solution for key decision makers.


Posted: May 03, 2013

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