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The Dreaded Ping

I’m Bernard Carroll, co-founder of Enverian.

I have spent over 20 years managing and delivering projects and portfolios in the IT, Pharma, Medical Devices and Utilities sectors.

During that time I have learned (the hard way!) that Portfolio Project Management (PPM) isn’t easy to deliver consistently, systematically and assuredly!

In this series of 5 blogs I’m going to highlight a number of PPM challenges, individually selected to illustrate an aspect of PPM that most people find challenging and then to give my view (backed up with a video) to show rather than tell how the challenge can be addressed.

The 5 blogs are…

1. The Dreaded Ping
2. Consolidate the Portfolio
3. One Version of the Truth
4. I’m a Project Manager…get me outta here!
5. PPM doesn’t come cheap! Right?

1. The Dreaded Ping

One of the biggest challenges I faced as a project manager was to deliver accurate and up-to-date project reports AT VERY SHORT NOTICE – the dreaded Friday afternoon ping from the boss: “I need a status report on your projects by close of business.”

Usually, the information is available but it needs to be retrieved and collated from a variety of sources, such as spreadsheets, email, MS Project, Powerpoint, timesheets, finance reports, Sharepoint …the list goes on…and even then the information needs to be written up into a comprehensive report and/or Board presentation.

Apart from the time and effort involved, is this really the best use of my skills as a highly qualified and experience Project/Portfolio Manager – compiling reports? running around looking for updates? Well….YES, it is. But it shouldn’t be as arduous as it is most of the time…!

And there are other downsides…

• I can’t complain about the short notice because then I’ll be seen as “not on top of things”
• I will shy away from Portfolio level reports simply because they are too difficult to deliver in a timely manner – and then I live in fear of the “dreaded ping”
• Rather than being a manager of risks I will be, at best, a reporter of them
• Information/data will be an output of my process rather than a driver of it

This is why I created Enverian Developer – to overcome these challenges – consistently, systematically, assuredly!

Have a look at this video to see how we have designed Enverian Developer by PM’s for PM’s to provide an accurate, up-to-the-minute project status report covering finance, tracking, risk, resources and roll up to portfolio level.

Keep an eye out for my next post…. 2. Consolidate the Portfolio

Posted: November 23, 2012

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