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The Bucket of Snakes

As a Development manager, can you instantly and accurately report on your entire portfolio of projects OR is the reporting process more like looking into a bucket of snakes?  Snakes that are continually moving, inextricably intertwined and, worst of all, prone to “bite-you-in-the-budget” when you least expect it!

Unfortunately the latter is too often true of global renewable energy project portfolios due to the lack of centralised and consistent project tracking and reporting.  You know that the information is somewhere within your organisation but have a real difficulty trying to capture it and act on it. Enverian Developer addresses precisely this problem.  Enverian’s team experienced this issue first-hand during their many years in the wind industry and developed solutions to address it.  Enverian Developer is the result of this experience and puts the team’s vast combined knowledge at the disposal of the renewable energy industry.

Enverian Developer is a cloud based business solution which tracks, ranks and values a global project portfolio providing corporate reporting at the click of a mouse producing many KPIs such as IRR and NPV at both project and portfolio level.  The advantages of the cloud-based approach are manifold, not least of which is a minimal total cost of ownership when compared to on-premise solutions, in tandem with instant access to the solution for project managers around the globe resulting in real-time project data accessible across the organisation.

Thus, the bucket of snakes is tamed and there are no more surprise “bites-you-in-the-budget”.  Click here for an overview of Enverian Developer or contact us at to schedule an online demo.

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