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Consolidate the Portfolio

I’m Bernard Carroll, co-founder of Enverian.

I have spent over 20 years managing and delivering projects and portfolios in the IT, Pharma, Medical Devices and Utilities sectors.
During that time I have learned (the hard way!) that Portfolio Project Management (PPM) isn’t easy to deliver consistently, systematically and assuredly!

In this series of 5 blogs I’m going to highlight a number of PPM challenges, individually selected to illustrate an aspect of PPM that most people find challenging and then to give my view (backed up with a video) to show rather than tell how the challenge can be addressed.

The 5 blogs are…
1. The Dreaded Ping
2. Consolidate the Portfolio
3. One Version of the Truth
4. I’m a Project Manager…get me outta here!
5. PPM doesn’t come cheap! Right?

In the previous blog I looked at the Dreaded Ping. Here follows Blog #2.


2. Consolidate the Portfolio

Every project manager has their own way of managing projects. Even methodologies such as PMI, PMP, PRINCE are implemented and approached differently across and within organisations.

The challenge is how to take these various different project plans and consolidate them in a structured and standardised manner to achieve an accurate portfolio view.

This is why I created Enverian PPM – to overcome these challenges – consistently, systematically, assuredly!

In just 3 minutes, I can show you how Enverian PPM is the tool to import, extract and consolidate individual project plans and build a portfolio view of all projects across the organisation.


Posted: March 07, 2013

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